Medallion collection

Your medallion, your story

seal your present, your future, your bond for life.

The Loujem medallion has been designed to express your love with style and elegance. How do you do it? Encapsulating precious symbols in the effigy of your children.

A jewel that will undeniably travel through time, like the unbreakable bond it symbolizes.

But we also know that your story grows richer every year, with new chapters, new births. That’s why we’ve designed a medallion that can evolve with life and your desires. It becomes, on demand, a real fashion accessory that matches your outfits and accompanies you in all circumstances.

A 100% customizable JEWEL

jewelry in the digital age

As the years go by and the seasons change, we can customize your medallion to accompany you through all the stages of your life. Like an emblem with a timeless design, whose colors have just been enhanced.

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Your medallion in 4 steps

Initiale C en or rose serti de diamants

Medallion color

18-carat white, pink or yellow gold.



Sober or set with diamonds?


A color for every look

An interchangeable natural stone plate, available in: turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite, mother-of-pearl and onyx.


Choose your treasures

Characters (girl or boy), initials and/or symbols (heart, gemstone depending on your child's birth month).

custom-made medallion

The medallion you imagine goes far beyond these criteria? Contact us to design a customized medallion.