The house

Our History


family emblem

There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children. Unconditional, immense and powerful, it’s embedded in us like an indelible tattoo.

At Loujem, we’re committed to embody this extraordinary connection with our unique jewels that can be customised to your taste. Beautiful objects to wear like talismans, that emphasises the strong relationship that connect us daily.

a unique and personal jewel,

a bond for life

We imagine them worn by modern, refined, passionate and super-active women, for whom life and time are precious gifts. To reflect on your personality, our jewels are just waiting to be personalised.

They can change their looks with you, through new colors, new symbols. So that we can stay as close as possible to you and your family history.

Our manifesto

mother, but a woman of taste

first and foremost

How was Loujem born?

Lucie Leyrit, a cool mom who took 2 years to create a piece of jewelry that represents the strong bond she has with her young children. Unable to find one that met her needs, she preferred to break with the codes and dusted off the traditional French family medallion for her first collection. So much so that she worked on making it fun and modernised with the help of her jewel designer husband. A family story, so forth, that resonates through the creations it endorses.

Loujem innovates. Loujem asserts itself. The House reflects on the image of a modern woman, a lover of contemporary jewelry. Definitely in tune with our generation.

our expertise,

the transmission of a gesture

While Loujem was created by four hands, other expert hands collaborate with us to make this dream comes true.

Naturally, we have chosen to manufacture exclusively in France and Italy. Our jewelry is designed and made within a 300-kilometer radius.

We are lucky to collaborate with renowned master jewelers working for Place Vendôme. In their workshops, they sculpt jewelry that lasts over time.
Just like their know-how, which they are careful pass on generation to generation.

That’s how our history becomes part of theirs.

Our commitments

recycled, ethical and sustainable

At Loujem, we are meticulous about the quality and origin of the materials we select for you.

The choice of using recycled gold is proof of our strong commitment. Reconditioned from the existing, it offers the certainty of an ethical creation that respects both people and the environment.

As for diamonds, they are sourced from responsable and trusted suppliers, who guarantee ethical working conditions, in accordance with the Kimberly process.

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